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The Prize  (age 8 to 14): A boy fights to get a rare flower from a cliff and later learns how rare it really is. Will he be able to save it?

Thunderbird (age 13 and up): The true story of an Air Force Thunderbird Pilot who sacrificed himself in order to save 80,000 spectators.  Not for families who prefer to avoid the topic of dying.

Horatius At The Bridge (age 8 to 14):  Three brave men defend Rome against an army of 150,000 by guarding the only entrance--a bridge, as their fathers work feverishly to destroy it.  An ancient true story modernized for our times.

The Ballad of Shenandoah (age 8 to 14): True story of a woman who finds a wounded enemy soldier hiding near her farm during the Civil War. Will she help him or turn him in? (based on a story from Virginia archives--actual history is included)

 The Snow Goose (age 8 to 14): A true story in ballad form about the great boat rescue of the Battle of Dunkirk, England, and two friends who help a wounded bird.

  The Lost Fairy Tale: The Best Prince (age 6 to 14): The very first of the series of fairy tales that have been lost for centuries and have recently come to light, in which a haughty young prince enters an archery contest with a poor, humble, peasant.

  The Second Lost Fairy Tale: The Beggar Prince (age 6 to 14): A talented young prince suffers many trials and tragedies until he encounters magic.

  The Third Lost  Fairy Tale: The Song In The Woods (age 6 to 14): A peasant girl with a lovely voice is discovered by a princess and asked to use her talents to help save the kingdom. Treachery and hatred combine against her music.  Will she have the courage to use her talents when they are needed most?

  The Fourth Lost  Fairy Tale: The Lost Princess (age 6 to 14): A princess is kidnapped and forced to endure the life of a slave as her Uncle, the King searches the world for her but she seems forever out of his reach as time runs out.

  A Butterfly So Rare (age 5 to 10): A beautiful and unique butterfly hatches on an island way out at sea.  She has a dangerous mission to complete.  Will she survive?

  The Strange New Flower (age 3 to 10): A new flower comes to live in a beautiful garden.  Will it fit in or die of loneliness? (helps kids learn acceptance and tolerance)

Gonzorgo (age 5-12) Sci-Fi for kids: Gonzorgo is a very interesting planet where five kinds of smart, alien creatures live who just want to survive but find themselves about to become extinct (dead). Will they starve to death or can they solve their problem? Check out the very original graphics!

Forever Rainbows (age 5-12): A poem about a fantasy land where rainbows never leave, the snow is warm, the animals talk, and raindrops don't get you wet (illustrated).

Calling Bird (age 7-12): A Fairy Tale about a young Indian maiden who sings so beautifully that even the trees are charmed, until one day she has a terrible accident. What will her future be? Will she ever sing again?  

  The Cat In The Woods (age 7-12): A cat hides in the woods so as not to be eaten by wild animals and discovers different kinds of friendship. But will his new friends eat him?

  The Naughty Little Good Witch (for age 4-9): A little witch gets in trouble for doing nice things. Can she protect her friends from her mean and nasty mother?

 Kukahiko Island (for age 3-12): A special, magical, island where everything begins with the 'K' sound.  This story is for really smart kids only, with limber tongues. (Numerous graphics)

Minnie Sybilla Purzoo (age 5-12): Minnie grows a wart every time she loses her temper. Will she turn into one giant wart or can she find a way out of this dilemma?

  Chandabal Falls (age 10-16): Now available at Click here: A young man is mysteriously catapulted into a very dangerous, yet magical new world.  This novel was formerly featured for a year on Cyberteen, an awarding magazine for young adults. Each chapter has full-color illustrations. (Click on chapter of your choice) 

  Fresh World (age 10-16): Now available at We apologize that we can no longer offer this novel free of charge. It is now available at Buy it here Click here: A young girl and her family are sent to colonize a newly discovered planet, where she discovers a strange, new power.  This beautiful, fresh, planet with exotic birds and plants is about to become the center of the battle of the universe.  Will they outwit the many forces working against them? (Each chapter is illustrated) We apologize that we can no longer offer this novel free of charge. It is now available at Click here: 

Accident On The River: A real-life adventure  (age 11-14) True story of a dangerous adventure during a white-water river trip in Dinosaur Nat.Park.

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