Noah and the Ark


Adrienne Foster Potter

Illustrations created by the author

The Lord revealed to Noah that there would be a flood,

And rain would fill the whole wide world with water, and with mud.

He told Noah he should build a great big wooden boat

From gopher wood and cedar trees and other woods that float.

Noah and his sons began to cut and saw and build.

The people all made fun of them but they refused to yield.

They built three stories on the ark, with windows and a door;

They were doing something that had not been done before.

Soon the ark was finished and they loaded their supplies,

And gathered up the animals and birds and butterflies.

They chose the finest horses and the best of cows and sheep,

And beasts as fast as lightening, and those that slowly creep.

Then the rain began to fall from darkened, stormy skies,

And as the roaring thunder clapped the seas began to rise.

The rain came down in torrents for forty nights and days,

As they were shut up in the ark without the sunshine’s rays.

They worked and fed the zebras, and elephants, and bears,

The cockatoos and kangaroos and lions in their lairs.

They chatted with the parrots and petted dogs and cats,

And cleaned up all the cages without bothering the bats.

They wondered how much longer, and read their books and prayed;

They ate and slept and work and played as rain began to fade.

God blew wind across the earth and it began to dry,

And Noah sent a dove to see if there was land nearby.

Then in the seventh month the ark discovered land and sat

Upon the peaks and mountains in the range called Ararat.

God told Noah it was time to go outside and stand

And let out all the animals to roam across the land.

Beasts were free and ran with glee down sturdy wooden planks,

While Noah built an altar, and then all of them gave thanks,

That God had spared the planet and that they were all alive,

And all would get another chance to grow and learn and thrive.

Then God set out a rainbow that glowed across the sky

To help us all remember and to worship Him on high.

So when I see the rainbow arching from the sky to earth,

I think of how the water gave it beautiful new birth.

Rain will come and winds will blow,

And rainbows come and rainbows go;

All of this helps us to know

That wind and rain will help us grow.

The End

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