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Ages shown are suggestions only. Your child may want to read stories outside the suggested age limits. Some of the stories below are now sold as books and Kindle books on We regret that we can no longer offer them free of charge due to illness, and apologize for the inconvenience.  


Toddler Tales

Noah and the Ark - read here Noah is warned that there will be a huge flood and told to build a giant ark and gather all the animals.
Yin Chang and the Rain Kite - Read here Yin Chang's new kite changes his life and his village in ways he never imagined.
Rainbow Rennie, The Veggie-Eating Shark available at Rennie is a shark, but he won't eat meat.  He's the nicest shark in the sea until one day, a great white shark arrives! 
If I Could Dance With Dinosaurs available at

A new twist to dancing with dinosaurs, in rhyme, complete with guides for pronouncing strange dinosaur names.
No Name, The Beautiful Read here

The story about a beautiful dog with a big problem finally has an ending! Read about the surprise No-Name gives his master.

The Humongous Moose and The Teensy Fairy 

Read here

This story has at last returned, bigger and better. A very large moose nearly steps on a very teeny fairy, and the sparks fly.
Oh My Stars--It's Mars! Available at

A planetary rhyme, complete with photos of all the planets from NASA.
The Great Duck Rescue Read here

A true story about how some baby ducks that were found in a storm drain were rescued.
My Room Is Filled With Toads and Snakes Available at

A story/poem about all the things little boys love, and big girls don't. (More fun than scary)

Alpha-Balpha-Bet   (age 2-6) Read here

A fun new way to teach toddlers and pre-schoolers the alphabet.                            

Give Me Ten! (age 2-6) Read here

Teaches pre-schoolers in colors and rhyme how to count to one hundred by ten--fully illustrated. 
Wicky Wacky Womper-A  (age 2-6) Read here

Helps teach kids the vowels and vowel sounds in a way that makes it fun! 
What The World Is Made Of (age 2-6) Available at

Are toddlers and kindergartners too young to learn about particle science?  Not when we make it fun, fun, fun! 
Butterfly, Butterfly (age 2-6) Read here

Butterfly, butterfly, better fly away...tells how a butterfly stays safe through a storm. 
Blow Wind Blow (age 2-6) Read here

A child asks his mother what the wild wind is saying when it blows through the valley and trees, and she tells him. 
Raindrops (age 2-6) Read here

What happens to flowers when the raindrops fall? (helps kids to feel safe) 
A Mouse Named Fred Read here

A little mouse is helped by his friends when his efforts to beautify his house could attract the neighborhood cat.

Parents/Teachers: there are several stories in the Kids Korner (age 6 - 14) section that may also be appropriate for toddlers, especially precocious ones. Read first to see if your child will relate to the story.

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