from The  Book of Mormon,

Helaman 5:17-52

Story ballad by Adrienne Potter

Copyright @ November 2003, All rights reserved, May be copied for use in church

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When Nephi, son of Helaman, was judge of all the land

He saw the people’s wickedness and chose to take a stand.

So he resigned the judgment seat and gave up all his power

And with Lehi preached repentance hour after hour.


The Nephites and the Lamanites began to see the light.

Eight thousand souls were baptized and were taught to do what’s right.

They put away their weapons and returned the land they stole

And tilled the ground and faithfully pursued a righteous goal.


The prophet and his brother then moved on to other parts

And found some other Lamanites with very hardened hearts,

Who put them in the jail where faithful Ammon once had been

And left them there without the food and comforts due to men.


After many days the Lamanites returned to slay them

But a ring of fire all around them stopped the mayhem.

The ground began to shake and the Lamanites were frightened.

When the prophets told them not to fear they were enlightened.


A cloud of darkness fell and all the people heard a voice—

A quiet, mild, yet piercing sound that made their souls rejoice.

It was not a voice of harshness, nor a voice of thunder—

But a voice of truth and light that caused their minds to wonder.


A man who once believed saw angels with them in the cloud,

And told the people they should pray to Jesus through the shroud.

Then those who prayed were circled round about by holy fire

As our Lord’s atonement raised their spirits even higher.


The Holy Ghost descended and filled their hearts with glory

As it will do to all of those who will believe this story.

“For faith in my beloved, peace I give you,” said a voice,

And angels came and ministered and made their hearts rejoice.


Three hundred souls were witness to the miracles that day

Who went and spread the gospel all around and far away.

To Nephites and to Lamanites they humbly told the story

Of a God who loved them and would visit in His glory.

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