By Adrienne Foster Potter

From 3Nephi 1:1-22

Copyright @ 1999 by Adrienne Potter

All rights reserved. May be copied for use in church.

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A thousand years before His birth the prophets told the signs--

The star, the lights, the wonders that would tell of God's designs.

The spirit then bore witness that the words they spoke were true

To faithful followers of Christ who heard and felt and knew.

And far across the ocean in a different promised land

Another tribe survived and thrived just as the Lord had planned.

They worshipped as their fathers had and waited for the day

When light would fill the day and night and chase the dark away.

Chorus: He came just as He said He would to save the sons of men.

He came and lived and loved and died, and He will come again.

But as the holy day came near the wicked interfered

And set a day to slay the saints because no signs appeared.

Nephi knelt and bowed his head and raised a mighty prayer

And heard the Savior speaking in a voice so still and rare:

"Oh lift your head, and be of cheer, behold the time is near,

For on the morrow I will come and soon the signs appear,

All all the words that spoke my holy prophets who were killed,

And all the things that I've made known to men will be fulfilled."


As He was born in Bethlehem the promised star appeared.

Across the world the sun went down as twilight would have neared.

But darkness never came that night and righteous hearts rejoiced

As from the saints around the world a thankful prayer was voiced.

A new babe in the manger and a new star in the sky,

And now a new law given us by which to live and die!

Now all the old is done away and everything is new

And all the words the prophets spoke are proven to be true!

He came just as He said He would to save the sons of men.

He came and lived and loved and died and He will come again.


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