Words and Music  

by Adrienne Foster Potter   

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He took the little children one by one;

And picked them up and blessed them, every one;

They marveled at their daughters and their sons,

When Jesus said, "Behold your little ones."

For they were circled by a holy burning flame,

To witness that our Lord and Savior came;

They sat around his hem, as angels tended them,

And all those there did see and hear the vision of the children dear,

Those precious little ones from up above.


Suffer the children to come unto me,

For such is the Kingdom of Heaven;

Suffer the children, forbid them not;

For such is the Kingdom, for such is the Kingdom,

For such is the Kingdom of Heaven.


He wanted us to know and watch and see,

How gentle with the children we should be;

Not one of them would ever come to harm,

While nestled in our loving Master's arms.

And though we lack the faith and strength the Savior knew,

He left a blessing here for me and you;

We'll have his spirit near, if we will only hear,

That if we show the Savior's care to little children everywhere,

Then they will know the Savior loves them too. End.

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