Updated Aug. 25, 2023

by Adrienne Potter

Away in a Manger *  Listen

Daniel in the Lion’s Den - Listen here

Esther (vocal solo) - Listen here

God Made the Dinosaurs - Listen here

He is Holding the World in His Hands - Listen here  

How Far is Heaven?  * Listen

How Many?  - Listen here

I Am A Child of God * Listen

Listen to the Lambs Tell the Story - Listen here

Noah’s Ark - Listen here *  Illustrated Story

One Little Lamb - Listen * Watch

Prayer for the Children * Listen


Dawn Prelude * Listen

Echoes of Earth - New Age Piano Solo * Video * Listen

Esther - Vocal Solo - Video * Sheet Music * Listen

Fire Earth Water  *  Listen *  Video (fun to dance to)

Focus on the Light *  Listen *  Video

He Is My Savior (vocal solo) * Listen * Video

Jesus Was Here (vocal solo) Video * Sheet Music * Listen

Here Am I, Send Me  * Listen  * Missionary Song

I Am Just One Man (I Am Just One Soul) *  Listen *  A song for missionaries

Light In The Sky * Listen * Watch

Make Your Own Light * ListenVideo

 Prelude for Tonga * Listen * Video

 River to River * Listen   *  Video

Sahara Sunrise *  Listen  * Video

Seek Him and Ye Shall Find Him * Listen

Smoke and Sun (piano exercise) * Listen * Video 

Sometimes in the Twilight * Listen

Sons of Helaman * Listen * Video

Water Walk (for piano) Listen here

 Music Video: Watch here

What Will You Do For The Savior? (vocal) Listen here

Watch here

Winds of Time (piano prelude) Listen: here

MusicVideo: Watch here

Wind Over Waves (WOW) * Video