by Adrienne Foster Potter

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Songs may be printed and performed in appropriate venues, with credit given to Composer.


He is Holding the World in His Hands - Listen here  

Noah’s Ark - Listen here

Daniel in the Lion’s Den - Listen here

God Made the Dinosaurs - Listen here

How Many? (How Many Shades Are There?) - Listen here

Sometimes in the Twilight - Listen here

Music Video:

Wind Over Waves (WOW) 

Music Video:

How Many?

(How Many Shades Are There) Listen here


Kaye's Song (Etude in A Minor)

by Kaye Foster Sheet Music

Music Video:


Alleluia by Giullio Caccini

Arranged by Adrienne Potter

Sheet Music (for piano) Listen

Sheet Music (for organ) Listen 

America the Beautiful Arr. by Adrienne Potter

Music Video:

Winds of Time (piano prelude) Listen here


Temecula Prelude (for piano) Listen here



(MP3's are coming soon)

Esther (vocal solo) - Listen here He Is My Savior (vocal solo) - Listen here Be As a Little Child (hymns)
Lord I Believe (vocal solo) Listen here The Greatest of All (vocal solo) As We Know the Sun Will Rise (hymn)
May You Always Try To Be (hymn) Jesus Teaches Us of Kindness (vocal solo) Jesus Teaches Us of Kindness (choir)
Father Above (vocal solo) - Listen here Father Above (Choir - SATB) -     Listen here In All My Holy Mountain (Choir - SATB) Listen here
In All My Holy Mountain (vocal solo) - Listen here Silver and Gold Have I None        (vocal solo) - Listen here

I Am Just One Man (I Am Just One Soul) -  Listen here  *  A song for missionaries

He Took the Little Children One by One (Suffer the Children to Come Unto Me: vocal solo) - Listen here

CHRISTMAS SONGS: (vocal solos)

Christmas is a Time to Sing Listen here

Nephi's Christmas Ballad Listen here

Nephi's Christmas Ballad (Choir - SATB)

Star of Galilee

Gifts for Christ Listen here

When He Came That Starlit Moment Listen here

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