1. Build a fort, play in it, put it away;

2. Color, paint, or draw, hang up pictures;

3. Do puzzles;

4. See if you have a toy or item in the house for every letter in the alphabet,

line them up in alphabetical order;

5. Do board games;

6. Read a book;

7. Play bank, or store, or both;

8. Make up silly exercises, see who can do the most;

9. Act out a story with costumes

10. Play shark - the shark stays on the carpet on his knees, the people get the furniture.

You can only stay on one piece of furniture for 10 seconds.

Whoever the shark catches is the next shark.

11. Design a new toy

12. Build a town using all your leggos, logs, boxes, and other blocks;

13. Play school - give yourselves good grades;

14. Play Cowboys and Indians;

15. Play army, divide into two armies and one army hides from the other, use toy guns that shoot rubber bullets;

16. Make cookies;

17. Finger paint in the bathtub, in your swimsuit;

18. Take a long bubblebath;

19. Roast marshmallows over the stove (parents must supervise);

20. Play monster tag - one person is the big monster and he/she must find the other little monsters;

21. Put a lamp in front of a toy sitting on a piece of paper and trace its shadow on the paper, then color. Use butcher paper to make a movie.  

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