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Free stories for kids age 6-14

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ADRIENNE'S LATEST BOOK, "THE PIERCE PRIZE" NOW ON SALE AT AMAZON.COM (for teens and adults) - the story of an undiscovered Revolutionary hero who joined the Navy as a cabin boy at age 12, piloted a prize vessel at age 15, and grew up to sail the seven seas while fighting pirates, bullies, and slave ships. Based on the actual pension file of Capt. Thomas Pierce. Click here:

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Whoever heard of Thomas Pierce or Machias, Maine and its neighboring villages with more than their share of Revolutionary War heroes, who helped free captive Africans and captured the first British ship of the Revolutionary War? Or the Wabanaki Tribe educated by the Pilgrims living and working peaceably with the townspeople, supporting the American side? Or the entire town's fishing fleet serving the War effort valiantly while its sailors battled on land and at sea? Capt. Pierce served again in the War of 1812 and was captured twice. This is a fascinating story of early Americans with solid values defending their nation and families. I can't believe I've never heard about it. Bravo to Ms. Potter for bringing to light an unknown side of the first major war in defense of American freedoms. --G. Van Duren

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"These stories are really good! You should publish them," said the email. Adrienne Potter now has 8 illustrated rhyming books for children, with activity pages, for sale at Amazon.com, also on Kindle. 

"We love your latest book!!! We have your other ones from Amazon also and the girls love reading them every night." - M. Holley

"Reviews of My Room is Filled With Toads and Snakes: "An adorable rhyming book. My grandsons loved it and giggled and howled with laughter through the whole story. The information pages at the end of the book turned this into several homeschool lessons for them. Recommend highly." --Book Review

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 BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM IN PAPERBACK (with activity pages) Click here

1. If I Could Dance With Dinosaurs, 5 Stars

2. My Room is Filled With Toads and Snakes, 5 Stars, 6 Reviews

3. Rainbow Renny, the Veggie-Eating Shark, 5 Stars

4. Oh My Stars, It's Mars, 5 Stars

5. What the World is Made of, 5 Stars

6. If I Could Meet a Vaquita, 5 Stars

7. Max and the Orphans, 5 Stars

8. Chandabal Falls 5 Stars



1. Alaska to Africa: The True Story of the 18 Fosters - 10 Reviews, 5 Stars * 

This is the true, never-before-told story of the exploits of the brilliant scientist and WWII survivor who invented the lithium battery, defeated the Russian's EMP weapon, and kept the United States safe for 40 years. He was an Air Force scientist who brought 16 children into the world and took them with him from Alaska to Africa and many places in between. Because his work was top secret the world has never known of his research or his creations, which are now declassified. After his Flying Fortress was shot down in WWII, Arthur Glenn Foster escaped from Germany and rose from Air Force Lieutenant to Director of Hardness (Upgrade & Maintenance) for all U.S. missile installations. The book reveals how his large brood of children, gifted in different ways than their father, coped with his genius and with the world around them as they were transferred from one air base to another. This is a story of the human spirit: of adventure, courage, ingenuity, inspiration, and persistence that cannot be ignored. Buy here

2. The Pierce Prize: Historical fiction about Capt. Thomas James Pierce. - 2 Reviews, 5 Stars

The story of a true American hero, based on the previously unknown Revolutionary Pension File of US Navy Captain Thomas James Pierce. He went aboard ship at age 12 and was a Captain at age 15. He fought for freedom again and again, and married the love of his life in the middle of it all. He defended his beliefs against against bullies, pirates, and thugs with a courage that can only be born in battle. The world has tried to forget him, but this book won't let that happen. Buy here

3. Seedlings of William Foster, Books 1 and 2: A revision of Flavius Foster's genealogy of the Foster Family.  



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